Mill Sense – what do you know about the air you breathe?

The air you breathe in every day is important for your health. Not only can the outside air be harmful, the air inside is often worse than we are aware of. There are a number of reasons for this. Dry air during winter time, “air-tight” modern houses that lack natural ventilation, and everyday activities such as cooking, drying laundry and showering.

Mill Sense measures the air quality in your home, so that you can ensure a healthy indoor climate for you and your family. This smart indoor air quality sensor measures humidity, TVOC (toxins and chemicals emitted from everyday items), temperature and eCO2.

With the user friendly Mill app you can easily check the air quality in your home wherever you are. Use the statistics function to track your indoor climate over time. Mill Sense differs from other air quality sensors with its wireless operation, integrated WiFi function and rechargeable battery.

In addition, it has an award winning, elegant design that complements any modern home. Hang it on the wall with the supplied magnet bracket, or place it on a flat surface. Mill Sense was announced as the winner of the prestigious international design awards Red Dot and IF Design in 2021.

Air quality varies from one room to another. Monitor each room to achieve an optimal indoor climate. Mill Sense is offered in a three pack at a better price.

Baby’s room

In addition to the rooms we spend most of our time such as living room and kitchen, many of us are especially concerned about the temperature and air quality in the children and baby’s room. The ideal sleeping temperature is between 17-19 degrees and with Mill Sense placed in the room you can monitor the temperature on your mobile phone at all times. This way you avoid having to enter the baby’s room every time you want to check the temperature.

Before the arrival of the newborn it is not uncommon to have the room painted. Place Mill Sense in the room for measuring the level of toxins emitted from the paint to know when it is safe to start using the room.


These loveable family members brings with them dirt and bacteria from the outside, which affects the indoor climate. This factor, in addition to shedding of hair makes it important to clean the house more often ensuring a healthy air quality in your home.


In winter time dry air indoor is a common problem due to heating. Even though a fireplace is cozy, one should be aware of the fact that it can contaminate the air with smoke, as well as making the air too dry. Healthy air quality can also suffer from excessive use of candles. Ensure good ventilation during these types of winter activities.


Too high levels of humidity can cause mould growth which is harmful for your health, as it can cause asthma and allergies. It is therefore crucial with good ventilation, especially during showering, drying of clothes and cooking.

Award winning design. Mill Sense is the winner of IF and Red Dot Design Awards 2021.

Tips on how to achieve a healthy indoor climate

  • Open windows several times daily
  • Do not dry your clothes inside and ventilate thoroughly after a shower
  • Have a consistent temperature in all rooms
  • Use health-labeled detergents
  • Clean often and have a major cleaning once a year
  • Do not smoke indoors
  • Get water damage repaired immediately
  • Regular maintenance of ventilation systems